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Sparkly Bracelet

Dark Blue Crystal Bracelet
Product Code : CBDB01

Dark Maroon Crystal Bracelet
Product Code : CBDM01

Light Pink Crystal Bracelet
Product Code : CBLP01

Dark Brown Crystal Bracelet
Product Code : CBDB01

Colorless Crystal Bracelet
Product Code : CBCL01

Bag Hanger - The Bag Pal

Ladies who like to carry handbag must have this bag pal - a handy tool. You will never again have to put your bag on the floor or your lap while dining at a restaurant. Just use the bag pal to hang your bag in a safe place next to you. A must have goody for the ladies :-) Gentleman, you can give your girlfriend or your wife as a gift ! A gift for almost all occasions..

Just hang your bag with the bag pal. Your bag is safe and sound.

Available in all sorts of pretty colors with crystal top.

Saffron Yellow


Light Purple

Light Pink

Emerald Green

Light Blue
  • Size: 4.5cm x 4.5cm x 1.5cm

  • Material: Zinc-nickel alloy. Material does not fade in color.

  • Weight: Nearly 50g

It's very portable and handy too!

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Buy 10 units, get 1 unit free.

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Long Necklace

The length is about the bust area.
Available in Green Mystical.

Pins Brooch

Colorless Pin Brooch
Product Code : PBWH01

Light Purple Pin Brooch
Product Code : PBLP01

Saffron Yellow Pin Brooch
Product Code : PBSY01

Pins brooch with the matching small pin.
Available in Green Moss.
Product Code : PBGR01